Replace Balboa Spa Pack Atlanta Metro

If you’ve got a hot tub and you just ‘know’ that it needs a new controller, we can help!

Many spas will have a standard two speed pump, blower and a light, others may have a small circulation pump and a larger jet pump.  In many cases, we can replace your control system for as low as $749, no joke!  Of course certain conditions apply (ie being able to access the equipment compartment easily, the spa pumps still work well, it’s not mounted 3 stories up hanging from a deck, local to the metro area… you get the picture), give us a call if you have any questions about this.  Standard service call rate also applies.


For larger spas with 3 pumps, or 2 pumps and a blower requires a more expensive control system, typically add 150 to the above price.

All of our systems carry a one year warranty!

Call us anytime, and we’ll do our best to give you a quote over the phone.

Or you can contact us using the slide out contact form at the upper right + we are always available at SpaXpert At Gmail.Com