Waterway Mini-Jet Replacements.

Waterway redesigned the mini-jet several years ago, so it was an assumption that to replace one of the faulty jets… (with the ball bearings falling in the water and all that), you had to purchase both the outer jet nozzle, and the inner jet valve as well.

Today we had a customer that needed 13 of these hot tub jets replaced.   I was in the process of removing the support piece from the outer jet housing, and the customer was removing the old jets.  Low and behold, he was already installing the new jets, with the old valves with no modification at all!

That was really great.  You really don’t need to replace the valve and the new face plate and jet orifice, just the outer part will do and it’ll save about 10 bucks for every jet.  I’ll post photos of what I’m talking about soon.

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Brands we service

I guess you could say we specialize in everything right?  Well… here’s a list, and it’s not all inclusive:

Leisure Bay Spa Repair

Cal Spa Spa Repair

Hot Springs / Watkins / Tiger River Spa Repair

Caldera Hot Tubs and Spas

Jacuzzi Spa Repair

ALPS Spas… Service & Repair

Infinity Spas, Service & Repair

Sundance Spa Parts, Service

For the few Vita Spa owners in this area, yes we service these too!

and many others.

We even work on spas/hot tubs from China, and hot tubs with no name!

We’ve been servicing hot tubs and spas in the metro Atlanta area since 1996 and have hundreds of satisfied customers.  Phone consultations and Q&A for your hot tub are available at no charge to you!  Call us anytime…

Or you can use the contact form at the upper right of the screen + You can always reach us: spaxpert at gmail.com

Questions about repairing your Hot Tub / Spa

We get this one all the time:  “this may be a dumb question but..”

If you want to call and ask questions related to fixing your hot tub, please call me.  I may be able to save you a lot of time and money just with a simple phone call.

There is no dumb question.  Every question is important, and we’ll do our best to help you on the phone at no charge.  Over the years we’ve saved a lot of people big bucks with this one simple service.  If the advice we give you on the phone helps to fix your spa, it’s still a win win.  I’ve gained the respect of a future customer, and you’ve gotten your spa fixed without having to have pay someone to come out.

Call us anytime with your dumb question.  These are among our favorites!  If you know nothing about a hot tub we’ll help to make you as good as we are.  We love to teach!  🙂


Rebuild Spa & Hot Tub Pumps!

As of 2015, we no longer rebuild spa pumps. The problem is that the stuff that was manufactured since around 1996 is everywhere, and most, if not all of it came from Mexico.  These motors are not worth rebuilding, and we recommend purchasing a new one online.  The rest of this article will remain in place as a place holder.

If you’ve got a pump that’s making a lot of noise, or perhaps not working, give us a call and we’ll let you know if it can be repaired for much less money than buying new.  Frequently, we find that about 70-80% of the pumps that are having problems can be repaired and put back into service for another 10-20 years.  phone

The only exception to this rule, is if your windings have been burned out, or abused by an oversized wet end.  (IE 4 hp wet end on a 2hp pump motor!).  Or… if your windings are open.  If this is the case, sometimes we can locate a donor motor with a good set of windings that can be used to repair your pump.  I’m frequently asked about ‘getting the pump re-wound’.  This is simply not done with these types of motors as they are designed as ‘throw-away’, and you cannot remove the windings, as the frame is tack welded inside the motor case.  Besides that, even if you could, with the price of copper at a premium these days, it would be cheaper to get another motor.

And if you decide to purchase your own pump, please do not throw your old motor in the trash!  There are a lot of people looking for metal to recycle, and they’d be happy to take it off your hands!  RECYCLE!  The motor does have value and we don’t need to throw away our valuable resources into landfills.

Please give us a call if you have any other questions about repairing or rebuilding your swimming pool, spa or hot tub pump.

We replace wet ends, seals, capacitors, bearings, and centrifugal switches to bring your old pump back to life again.

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Replace Balboa Spa Pack Atlanta Metro

If you’ve got a hot tub and you just ‘know’ that it needs a new controller, we can help!

Many spas will have a standard two speed pump, blower and a light, others may have a small circulation pump and a larger jet pump.  In many cases, we can replace your control system for as low as $749, no joke!  Of course certain conditions apply (ie being able to access the equipment compartment easily, the spa pumps still work well, it’s not mounted 3 stories up hanging from a deck, local to the metro area… you get the picture), give us a call if you have any questions about this.  Standard service call rate also applies.


For larger spas with 3 pumps, or 2 pumps and a blower requires a more expensive control system, typically add 150 to the above price.

All of our systems carry a one year warranty!

Call us anytime, and we’ll do our best to give you a quote over the phone.

Or you can contact us using the slide out contact form at the upper right + we are always available at SpaXpert At Gmail.Com