1 Day Drivers Ed on Steroids

There is an unknown secret in North Georgia when it comes to teen driver safety training.

It’s called https://www.fearthis4life.org  Fear this for Life.  Your Life. Your own kids life in a car, learning how to drive on these dangerous roads that we deal with daily.

It’s a one day program orchestrated by retired Gwinnett County police officer Gordon Fox and Woodrow Gaines.  As a non-profit 501-C3, the mission is to reduce/eliminate teen driving deaths.  This is not your father’s driver’s ed.  It is a one day course designed to introduce new drivers into specific situations that they may encounter on the roads of Atlanta in emergency conditions.  The adrenaline rush I had when my son was going through it was enough to get me to leave the vehicle and let him do the course alone (my foot stomping on floor to hit imaginary brake pedal… aghh!).

If your son or daughter has gotten a speeding ticket or accident recently, they may have been required to attend this course.  But as a recent participant (A Dad of 16yo voluntarily doing this), I can tell you it is for everyone new to driving on the road.

This course will teach your kid to learn many skills, especially learning how to use the MIRRORS!  Imagine my thoughts when my own son told me he never looked at them before and he understands now why they are important.  REALLY?  He’s been driving for almost two years!

This one day course is cheap and worth it.  For 150 bucks, you can get significant peace of mind, and learn really quick where your teen driver isn’t making the cut when it comes to being safe, driving on Georgia roads and highways.  This course where maybe you’ve tried your best, ties the knot where you may have failed.

Get your driving kids in this thing.  It’s one more notch to safe driving practice that they really need. You know as well as I do, that the interstate highways in Georgia are dangerous 24/7.

Best of luck!

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