Brands we service

I guess you could say we specialize in everything right?  Well… here’s a list, and it’s not all inclusive:

Leisure Bay Spa Repair

Cal Spa Spa Repair

Hot Springs / Watkins / Tiger River Spa Repair

Caldera Hot Tubs and Spas

Jacuzzi Spa Repair

ALPS Spas… Service & Repair

Infinity Spas, Service & Repair

Sundance Spa Parts, Service

For the few Vita Spa owners in this area, yes we service these too!

and many others.

We even work on spas/hot tubs from China, and hot tubs with no name!

We’ve been servicing hot tubs and spas in the metro Atlanta area since 1996 and have hundreds of satisfied customers.  Phone consultations and Q&A for your hot tub are available at no charge to you!  Call us anytime…

Or you can use the contact form at the upper right of the screen + You can always reach us: spaxpert at